Rough Guides: Practical Tips For Travelling With Kids

Rough Guides needed a writer who’d been insane enough to travel with their children. So they called me! The result was this article, Practical Tips for Travelling With Kids. An excerpt is below; you can view the full thing right here.

When we become parents, we accept that we’ll have to make a few changes to the things we love to do. Sunday lie-ins are replaced with early morning stomps around National Trust sites. Spontaneous trips to the cinema turned into carefully planned outings to watch the latest Disney offering. Brunch at the weekend is now a visit to a farm, downing a cup of tea while the kids are let loose in the soft play.

Having kids forces us to make changes to our tried and tested routines. And travelling with children is no different. Sure, care-free jaunts around the world may be a thing of the past — but travelling with the kids in tow can be the best kind of travel. And, like most things child-related, you’ll struggle to remember what travelling was like before they came along. 

To help you handle effective trip planning with a family, we’ve put together a handy survival guide. Covering planning, packing essentials, where to go, how to get there and where to stay, here’s our rough guide to travelling with kids.

Where to go with a baby

Babies are portable, easily entertained, and won’t even remember going on holiday. This means you shouldn’t be afraid to take the kind of trip you’re used to taking. Once they’re eating solids and are on the move, things need to be a little more considered. But as long as you don’t head anywhere unsafe or unsanitary, you’ll be fine.

Long-haul flights aren’t out of the question, either. Most long-haul airlines have a bassinet by the bulkhead seats for passengers travelling with infants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is temperature. Young babies don’t cope well in hot weather and you don’t want to spend your whole holiday worrying about whether they’re overheating.

Our travel picks for babies

Make the most of being able to travel during term time and escape the UK for some winter sun. Bali is incredibly family-friendly and while flights may be pricey, your budget will stretch far once you’re there. Closer to home, consider the Canary Islands — temperatures average around the low 20s between November and February, perfect for babies and parents alike.