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Rough Guides

Rough Guides needed a writer who’d been mad enough to travel with their kids. So they called me! The result was Practical Tips For Travelling With Kids.

Discover The World

I’ve been optimising and creating blog posts for independent travel company Discover The World since December 2019. They’re an awesome company with a great ethos. Here’s some of my work.

10 Trips Of A Lifetime

Best Wildlife Holidays In Iceland

Celebrity Dining In The Kimberley – Australia’s Last Frontier

Travel Specialist Insights: Cruising The Arctic


I used to work in-house at Aviva and quickly discovered that communicating trick subjects in an easy-to-understand way is something I love (and am pretty good at, if I do say so). Here are some articles I’ve written for their blog, the Aviva Edit.

How To Save Your Children’s Money

STA Travel

I worked at STA for four years, and it that time I wrote a lot of blogs. There used to be a helpful page that housed them all, but then STA went and changed their blog design and it’s disappeared (cheers guys). Here are a few of my favourites instead:

12 Reasons To Take A Sabbatical

10 Of The Best Places To Park Your Campervan in Australia

Around The World In 80 Ways

5 Reasons To Visit The Cook Islands

Beginner’s Guide To Dubai

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